Nintendo Switch

Highlights this week include: Kirby’s Dream Buffet (release), Cursed to Golf (release) and RPG Time: The Legend of Wright (release)

Here are some of this week’s highlights:
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Kirby’s Dream Buffet
Game – Digital Only
Snack your way to victory as you roll through yummy food-themed levels in Kirby’s Dream Buffet for Nintendo Switch! Feast your senses on this full, four-course competition! Up to four hungry Kirbys must race, compete in minigames and battle it out across creamy, crunchy courses overflowing with chocolate, ice cream and other delicious delights.

Cursed to Golf
Game – Digital Only
Description from publisher:
Play as The Cursed Golfer, trapped in Golf Purgatory after a freak accident takes you out as you’re about to take
the winning shot of an international tournament! Legend says that playing through the devious courses across Golf
Purgatory will get you back to the land of the living and, more importantly, to the trophy you were about to win.
Each course is governed by a ghostly Legendary Caddie, who will tutor you in the mystical ways of golf to aid you
on your quest for redemption and revival.

RPG Time:
The Legend of Wright
Game –
Digital Only

Description from publisher:
Game master Kenta’s notebook holds a handwritten RPG made just for you. Every turn of the page brings thrills,
heroics, and a whole lot of fun!
After school, the classroom transforms into the world of “The Legend of Wright”, an RPG designed by young
aspiring game maker Kenta.
Nostalgic yet modern, this game is sure to shake up your after-school routine!

Blossom Tales II:
The Minotaur Prince
(Playtonic Friends)
Game –
Digital Only
Description from publisher:
Grandpa’s latest tale takes you on a journey through haunted forests, pirate shores, and other mysterious lands
across a vast open-world! Charming towns, terrible enemies, tricky puzzles, and powerful weapons await you.
Enjoy a “story within a story” as Grandpa narrates exciting moments throughout Lily’s incredible adventure.
Will you help Lily defeat the Minotaur King and save her brother?

Thymesia – Cloud Version
(Team 17)
Game –
Digital Only
This game uses cloud streaming. Please try out the free demo before purchase.
Description from publisher:
Prey upon your enemies, wield the power of disease and find the truth in your own memories. The once thriving
Kingdom of Hermes has fallen to an age of calamity. Corvus is the kingdom’s final hope, the fate of Hermes
resting in his feathered hands.

We Are OFK
(Team OFK)
Game –
Digital Only
Previously featured in Indie World showcase in May 2022 India World
Description from publisher:
Itsumi Saito just moved Downtown and broke up with her long-term girlfriend, leaning into her dream of making it in
music. But juggling practice, friends, a brutal commute to the west side, and a full-time job… Itsu is struggling to
establish herself in the cutthroat music scene of LA. When she talks her way into a shmoozy Hollywood party and
makes friends with a rising music producer, she sees a chance to bring her dreams a little closer.
We Are OFK is an interactive narrative series of arguing over lyrics, sending sad texts, and playing Interactive
Music Videos!